Outdoor Dining in Capitol Heights, Maryland: Enjoy the Cold Weather with Heaters

Are you looking for a restaurant in Capitol Heights, Maryland that offers outdoor seating with heaters for colder weather? Look no further! There are plenty of restaurants in the area that provide outdoor seating with heaters to keep you warm and cozy. From Texas Roadhouse to Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza, there are plenty of options to choose from. Texas Roadhouse, located in Westminster, has dedicated much of its side parking to a large tent. According to Senior Service Manager Dave Beal, about 50% of the restaurant's business has come from outdoor dining in recent months.

Maggie's Westminster restaurant has also been successful over the past eight months, thanks to its main parking lot tent and tables. Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza in Del Ray has transformed its roof of a parking lot into Lena's Oasis, a tropical getaway with bright tiled tables, palm trees in flower pots and gauze dividers between socially distanced seating areas. Seafood restaurant Senior Service Manager Paul Holder says they have six tables with fire pits in the center and 32 tall propane heaters arranged between the tables to serve as markers of social distance and as sources of heat. Rafael's Westminster restaurant has outdoor seating equipped with outdoor heaters for colder weather.

Waitress Kristy Harrison says they have stoves with capacity for 120 people in total. The Logan Circle restaurant also has three landscaped patios equipped with stoves and an enclosed annex adorned with hanging greenery that adds 25 seats in an industrial style lobby and 30 at the front of the restaurant. Masseria restaurant has a heated pergola and fire pits in the lounge. The Imperial, Jack Rose's elegant sister restaurant in Adams Morgan, waterproofed its roof for the winter with a heating system and a tent with retractable sides for inclement weather.

Chef Anthony Chittum's Greek-Italian restaurant Iron Gate also has heaters, fire pit, wisteria vines and twinkling lights to keep guests warm during colder weather.

Leann Teder
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