The Best Seafood Restaurants in Maryland - A Guide for Seafood Lovers

Maryland is a renowned seafood destination, with the Chesapeake Bay providing fifty percent of the total blue crab crop in the United States. Seafood lovers can find plenty of places to enjoy the spoils of this water-loving community, from cozy family establishments to large restaurants. From Old Salty's restaurant to Jimmy's Famous Seafood, here is a guide to the best seafood restaurants in Maryland.

Old Salty's

is a family-run restaurant that serves huge roasted crab pies made entirely of pure meat and without filling. Crab Imperial is a savory and spicy combination of crab, mayonnaise and cheese that is a classic coastal dish.

Freshly baked rolls, baked pineapple, and homemade meringue tarts complete the Chesapeake dream.


offers a generous crab cake sandwich that can be fried or grilled. Boaters can visit this restaurant on its dock and enjoy a Bloody Mary with a touch of Old Bay.


is an institution in Fells Point that is famous for its many delicious varieties of steamed mussels. The highlights of this seafood menu are shrimp, clams and crab-based soups.

Jimmy's Famous Seafood

is a family-owned restaurant founded by Demetrios Jimmy Minadakis in 1974. It has expanded to include two private banquet rooms, a VIP room, a dining room and a bar that can accommodate nearly 700 customers. It also houses a fresh seafood market with comforting Maryland-style seafood such as steamed crabs, crab cakes, and lobster.

The Water Street Seafood

restaurant offers crabs in unique varieties.

Boaters can dock their boats and enjoy a cold beer and fresh seafood while enjoying the Maryland sun. Witness the coronation of King Oyster and the National Oyster Shelling Championship at one of Maryland's oldest seafood festivals. With seafood restaurants from across the region joining food trucks and vendors at the base of the iconic Concord Point Lighthouse, you can't miss it. They have a great beach property so you can relax and enjoy a seafood platter while the kids play in the sand and splash in the bay.

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